Our Mission

Pritchett Eye Care Associates offers comprehensive medically-based eye care, utilizing the most sophisticated instruments available. Our simple goal identify our patients needs, perform a thorough ocular examination, diagnose & treat any ocular condition identified and provide a high quality pair of glasses or contact lenses in a reasonable period of time.

Our doctors all have a degree from a recognized College of Optometry within the United States. They are Nevada State Board Licensed and often are certified in other states as well. All are certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease and some are also certified to treat and manage glaucoma. They must always hold themselves to the higher standards of care required by PECA.

PECA Eye Care Services

Pritchett Eye Care Associates has a staff that has been personally selected and trained to truly personify our outstanding patient service policy.

Comprehensive Eye Care

Quality comprehensive eye care and personal attention are our focus at Pritchett Eye Care Associates. We are a group of optometric docotors that prides itself on individual care and attention.

Detection and Management

PECA has made investments to acquire the latest diagnostic instruments available to the eye care industry. This enables our doctors to manage eye disorders and conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, ocular infections and allergies along many other diseases. We have eye mapping and measuring technology for hard to fit contact lenses.

Our Technologies

Through our partnership with Zeiss, Pritchett Eye Care Associates is able to offer you the latest technology in eye care. Utilizing the various technology listed below, we will be able to give you the best exams, detection, management, prescriptions and contact lense fits. Some of the technologies we use at Pritchett Eye Care include iProfiler, iTerminal 2, iScrpition, Cirrus Photo, and many more.

Ocular & Dry Eye Disease

Treatment and management of ocular disease and dry eye disease.

Refractive Surgery

Screening and co-management of refractive surgery.

Frame Collection

We invite you to visit our beautiful frame dispensaries and choose from the latest in fashionable eyewear. We carry both affordable and high-end frames that include: Armani, Bulgari, Calvin Klein,Caviar, Chrisian Dior, Coach, Dragon Alliance, etc.

We are constantly changing our frame collection to offer the latest styles from some of the top designers in the world. Come in and see the 100’s of frames we have on display and click on the brands below to view their collections.

Contact Lenses

PECA Contact Lens Services offers the latest in contract lens design and we can fill nearly 22,000,000 prescriptions with the contact lenses available at our finger tips.We also have eye mapping and measuring technology for hard to fit contact lenses.

Ordering contacts doesn't get any easier than this. Your eye care provider’s office registers your prescription and recommended contact lenses online in advance. So, in just a few quick clicks, your order is placed and on its way to your front door. No need to chase down your prescription and fax it to another source. Buy contacts from the person you trust with your vision, your personal eye care provider.

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About Our Services

Pritchett Eye Care Associates, established in 1998, offers comprehensive medically-based eye care, utilizing the most sophisticated instruments available.

Their training has been defined and achieved by many years of experience brought by the doctors and management of the practice. While professionalism is a high priority at our practice, a kind and caring attitude is an absolute must. National certification is a goal that all of our dispensing personnel are encouraged to attain.

Pritchett Eye Care Associates is a Zeiss Certified Partner. We offer the most advanced lens designs, materials and coatings to provide our patients with a customized, optical experience.


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View an instant demonstration of Transitions® photochromic technology. See how lenses darken and fade back to clear to provide continual visual comfort and protection.
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PECA offers the latest frames and ophthalmic lenses available from the leading manufactures. For those patients on a budget or looking for a secondary pair of glasses we offer a very competitive ophthalmic frame/lens package.